A New Start
A New Start
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15 October 2011



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A New Start is the sixty sixth episode of Galactik Football and the fourteenth episode of the third season.


Two months after the evacuation of Paradisia, Brim Simbra and Lord Phoenix are still missing… Back on Genesis, Sonny and gang sneak into Duke Maddox's office and discover the identity of Phoenix's mysterious partner. Phoenix, meanwhile, demands the League to move the date of the Galactik Football Cup forward! But for what reason?... Will the Flux Society be capable of assuring the galaxy's stability?


Paradisia transforms into "Dark Paradise" and The Snow kids are left to travel without a warp generator for several months. They then arrive back on Akillian and Artegor Nexus quits the Assistant Coach job. Brim Balarius takes over the Flux Society and Warren aids the Snow Kids in their training session. Duke Maddox and Sonny then learn the truth: Harris aided Bleylock, but betrayed him and destroyed his ship using one flux device and took the other for himself.

Harris then gets the date of the Galactik Football Cup moved forward and Lun-Zia has to master The Breath of Akillian to stay on the Snow Kids and Sinedd, who has just returned from Planet Xenon, forces Mei to master The Smog and stay on The Shadows. Meanwhile, D'Jok encounters some fluxed kids and decides to train them in his new "Club Galactik"...

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 14- A New Start (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 14- A New Start (English)

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