Adium Infobox
Organizaton The Galactik Football League (formally player of The Akillians)
Family Aarch (Husband)
Unborn child
Status League President (formally defender)
Planet Akillian
Flux The Breath of Akillian (Unverified)
Debut The Comeback

Adium is a contemporary and love interest of Aarch. She played on the Akillian Galactik Football team at the same time as Aarch and is currently employed by the Galactik Football League. Before the start of the Ice Age she and Aarch had a romantic relationship that ended when Aarch left the planet to play for The Shadows.


Adium pregnant

Adium pregnant



Season 1Edit

Adium is employed in the position of Akillian's Galactik Football League representative. Aarch seeks her advice before forming his new team and she informs him that he might not necessarily be welcomed by all quarters. She expresses the belief that football is dead on Akillian, having become a sport for snobs. However Aarch's success with the Snow Kids appears to convince her otherwise. She arranges for The Snow Kids to play the Red Tigers and praises Aarch for the life he has brought back into football. She opts to celebrate with the Snow Kids on the eve of the GFC final, rather than joining the League party and can be seen in the Akillian box during the final.

Season 2Edit

Adium has been promoted to the position of League President. She maintains an office in Genesis Stadium. She holds ultimate responsibility for enforcement of the rules and for all major decisions within the league. After being informed by the Flux Society that someone has illegally used the Breath of Akillian, she suspends Rocket temporarily from playing in the GFC. During the investigations Adium and the other officials watch what is a fake video file incriminating Rocket, prompting them to uphold his suspension. However, once provided with the undoctorer file by Sonny Blackbones, she clears Rocket on all charges. After the match between the Snow Kids and the Wambas, Adium personally informs Aarch that Rocket's suspension has been lifted and that he is eligible to play. In the final episode of the season, due to the damage of the pitch caused by the explosion of General Bleylock's ship, Adium grants permission for the final to be decided by a penalty shoot-out, which the Snow Kids would eventually go on to win, beating the Xenons.

Season 3Edit

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