Akillian Stadium Infobox
Akillian Stadium
(also known as Aarch Acadamy) is the training ground and home of the Snow Kids.


At the beginning of the first season, the stadium was considered cursed due to the fact that it was where the great Akillian Ice Age began, during the final qualifying match of the Galactik Football Cup, the Metaflux exploded and froze the stadium in ice. The stadium was then thawed by Aarch and Clamp and it then became the new home for The Snow Kids to train and host matches.

Notable matches played in the stadium are the original qualifying match between The Akillians and the Shadows, the deciding match between The Snow Kids and The Red Tigers and the home matches between The Snow Kids, Rykers, Shadows and Pirates.

The Akillian stadium now holds offices, dorm rooms, Holotraining chamber, a gym and a massage room.

In season 3, Harris plants a Multi-flux bomb underneath the academy.

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