Team The Cyclops (actively)

The Xenons (formerly)

Flux Psycho Bug
Position Striker
Shirt Number 10 (The Cyclops)

3 (The Xenons)

Home Planet Cyclopias

Akkamukk was once the King of the Cyclops' before joining Galactik Football


He looks exactly like the other members of his race, with one big, yellow eye in the middle of the forehead. He is also very short.


Like the other Cyclops, he has a cheerful and bubbly personality. However, he is not above cheating to help his team win. While not an extremely good football player, he is a good dancer, with his "Cyclops Dance" style being extremely popular in the galaxy.


Akkamukk is the current captain of The Cyclops and scored for them in the Semi Finals against The Shadows (however this may have been a Cyclops wearing his shirt as they switched their players at half time). He also scored whilst playing for The Xenons at the Paradisian Tournament when Luur shot deflecting the ball off him. In Season 2 he participated in the big kicks challenge but he did not finish in the top 3.

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