All Together!
All Together!
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23 October 2011



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All Together is the seventy fourth episode of Galactik Football and the twenty second episode of the third season.


For some unknown reason, the Team Paradisia players decide to remain cloistered in their hotel! A reluctant Nina has to break things off with Mark. Maya turns to Tia's ambassador father for help finding Sinedd's real parents, who still live on Frontier 17… After the "Holocab Kiss" affair between Addim and Aarch, the Snow Kids run the threat of being disqualified! At the Flux Society, Brim Balarius is convinced that Harris wants the Cup to destroy all the Fluxes and become the most powerful man in the galaxy!


Thran manages to return to the Snow Kids in time for the second half of the match with The Xenons. The Snow Kids then win 4-1 and make their way to the Finals a third time in a row! During the match, Vega contacts Team Paradisia and orders them to go to their hotel and stay there, forcing Nina 8 to break up with Mark. The Snow Kids go to Bellow's and Maya talks to Tia's father about Sinedd's real parents, while the Snow Kids are put on the threat of being disqualified because of Aarch and Adium dating.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 22

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 22

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