Baldwin Infobox
Professor Baldwin
Organizaton Technoid
Status Alive
Planet Unknown
Flux None

Baldwin was a Technoid scientist and operative working under General Bleylock. He is secondary antagonist in season 1.


He is a middle-aged, bald man who is wearing an eye scope over his left eye. Baldwin wears the standard Technoid scientist uniform.


Baldwin is a weak willed individual, who can be easily dominated by more powerful persons such as Bleylock. However, he is not evil as he managed to convince Sinedd not to put the flux device on the Galactik Cup. He is quite cowardly as he immediately betrayed his master in order to escape punishment.


He used to be a Technoid scientist working for Bleylock to extract The Metaflux from Snow Kids. He implanted a microphone capsule in him until The Traitor, where he helps The Pirates find Sonny Blackbones and is shot by Bleylock for his trechary in The Cup. He convinces Sinedd not to fall for Bleylock's lies on Artegor's communicator.

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