Organizaton Pirates
Occupation Pirate General

Bennett is a member of Sonny Blackbones' crew and is defacto third in command among The Pirates.


He's a tall, thin man with blond hair. He wears a black hat and purple glasses with red lenses and always wears trendy clothes.


Bennett is a very calm person and extremly loyal to Sonny Blackbones. He is a bit of a thrill-seeker and professed himself to be bored duing the Pirates' truce with Technoid. He is the partner of Artie and favours a more hands on approach, compared to Artie's love of gadgets. He is seen to play the guitar and is an excellent Magnetboarder. He seems to have a strong dislike for rollercoasters.


Bennett is first introduced in the episode "The Pirates", acting as the Snow Kids' guide through the Shilöe Archipelago. He is later seen aiding Sonny as he attempts to thwart Bleylock's plans. He was part of the party that saved Sonny from drowning in the Genesis Resevoir and along with Artie, discovered the location of the Netherball Sphere.

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