Betrayal On The Field
Betrayal On The Field
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13 October 2011



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Betrayal on the Field is the sixty fourth episode of Galactik Football and the twelve episode of the third season.


Who will play the final against the Shadows? It will be decided on the field in a historic penalty shootout opposing D'Jok against his former teammates, the Snow Kids! Nikki 4 tries to convince D'Jok to tell her how to beat Ahito. But D'Jok refuses to betray his former teammate, for now… Rocket has to be carried off the field again! It seems he is suffering from the Resonance, a problem related to his Flux… As the Snow Kids' parents organize a surprise party, Sonny and company prepare to pay Lord Phoenix a visit! The hour of truth is at hand…

The Snow Kids eventually lose when Rocket faints from Resonance and Team Paradisia goes to the Final. Meanwhile, it is confirmed that injecting the Multi-flux into Paradisia's core will corrupt Paradisia. Vega then contacts her benefactor, who is ready to destroy Paradisia.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 12- Betrayal on the Field (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 12- Betrayal on the Field (English)

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