Bleylock's Revenge
Bleylock's Revenge
Air Date

6 September 2008



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Bleylock's Revenge is the fifty second episode of Galactik Football and the last episode of the second season. It aired on September 6th 2008.


Luur has called on his teammates onto the field. Sonny and Corso are still looking for Bleylock and when they finally find him, Bleylock has taken off to destroy Genesis Stadium! The Snow Kids use the breath at the same time to score with D'jok scoring the much needed goal. Sonny and Corso have gone after Bleylock in the Black Manta and then realize his ship is a bomb. Bleylock realizes that Harris has betrayed him. The ship explodes and hits Genesis with the middle of the pitch destroyed. Luur saves D'jok before he perishes and a penalty shoot out has been agreed. Its 3-2 on penalties and Yuki has injured herself saving the last penalty. Ahito now has to save Luur's penalty and succeeds! Now Rocket has to score and the Snow Kids have won the cup for a second time in a row. Does he miss? No. The Snow Kids have won the GFC twice in a row. No team has ever done that! Sonny lets D'jok know that he doesn't have to worry about Bleylock, and Harris recovers a flux device and says what power he will have with it. He laugh's evilly as the scene closes

Galactik Football - S02E26 - Bleylock's Revenge

Galactik Football - S02E26 - Bleylock's Revenge

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