Team The Wambas (currently)
Flux The Roar
Position Goalkeeper
Home Planet Wamba Planet

Boonzoff is the Wambas Goalkeeper

Boonzoff is the goalkeeper for The Wambas team.


Boonzoff is a skilled goalkeeper who's style of play can influence an entire match. He is known to be a bit cocky as well, usually wagging his finger at other players after saving a goal and curling a ball on his finger. Despite this, he does seem to suffer significantly against powerful flux-charged shots. Boonzoff's main playing skill is his agility, allowing him to pull off acrobatic saves, for example sideflips and somersault jumps. He often uses his feet to deflect shots, presumably because Wambas are very dexterous with their feet and can grasp the ball with them. His positioning in the goal slightly differs from most of the keepers, since he prefers to stay slightly to the side of the goal instead of the center, tricking the opponent to shoot to the other side, so he can make a jump-save.

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