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Brim Simbra
Organizaton The Flux Society
Status Deceased
Planet Xzion
Flux Unknown Flux
Height 215 cm


He has white, pupil-less eyes and blueish skin. He also wears the standard Flux Society robe. Also, he has only three fingers a hand, a trait that his other Xzion compatriots have never displayed.


Brim Simbra is a calm and collected individual, who believes in achieving galactic peace, as he was very happy to see Sonny Blackbones and Duke Maddox together. He is also willing to sacrifice his own life in order to maintain the balance of the fluxes. Even though he is calm and wise, he is also very strict when it comes to enforcing the Flux Society rules.


Brim Simbra was the Leader of The Flux Society. He enforce The Society's rule: The Flux must be use only in sport. He is a calm individual, who wants to protect the galaxy more than anything else. He has a close work relationship with Dame Simbai

In season 3, he is sucked into Paradisia's core and is presumed dead. In Farewell, Paradisia, he is found by the Pirates who try to help him, he then he gives them a small piece of multiflux but he dies afterward and he's succeded by Brim Balarius. Balarius placed his body and soul into a place at the bottom of the Flux Society Headquarters.

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