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Organizaton The Pirates
Status Pirate General
Planet Unknown
Flux None

Corso is one of the Pirates. He is the most trusted pirate of Sonny Blackbones (his right hand man).



Corso Infobox
Corso is Sonny Blackbones righthand man and is rarely seen too far away from the pirate leader. Corso is very sceptical by nature and extremely loyal to Sonny. It is likely to belive he fills a role as somekind of bodyguard for Sonny. Whenever the pirates team up two and two, Corso is usually paired with Sonny Blackbones. The two are extremely close friends. There is a strong bond of trust between the pirate and their leader. Corso is the one Sonny will turn to for advice in diffficult matters. Whenever Sonny is injured or otherwise incapable of acting as the captain and leader, Corso will take his place. In season one, Corso is seen as extremely protective as he tries to prevent Sonny from falling into Bleylock's trap, in wich he fails. But in the time when his help and friendship matters the most, Corso proves to ultimately save Sonny from drowning in the genesis reservoirs. In season two, Corso's sceptical and protective nature again shows when Tia wishes to speak to Sonny in person. Corso is extremly protective and will always be reluctant to let anyone he does not trust completely himself get even remotely close to the pirate leader Sonny. Before the rescue operation of Tia's parents, Mei makes contact with Corso to help Tia get in contact with Sonny. Because Corso belives Tia's parents accused Sonny falsely of the bombing of the shaddows Archipellago,he does not want to help Tia,but is persuaded,when Tia makes it clear that what she has to tell,she will only tell Sonny personally.

In season three, Corso is also proven to posess skills as a hacker as well as beeing an excellent combat fighter. Corso can come forth as a bit threatening to the ones who doesn't know him,but he is a loyal friend and comrade to have in the ever ongoing battle against Technoid. Corso is cynical, but under the rough exterior, lies a warm personality, and a loyal friend for life.


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