Episode 15 - Crossed Fates
Crossed Fates
Air Date

16 October 2011



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Crossed Fates is the sixty seventh episode of Galactik Football and the fifteenth episode of the third season.


A new playing strategy for the new Galactik Football Cup! The Snow Kids have to surprise their opponents and reinvent themselves if they want to win the trophy one more time! Lun-Zia tries to master the Breath of Akillian to stay with the Snow Kids, but it's not so simple! And live on Arcadia Sports, Yuki announces she will participate in the tournament with her team!... But which one?! After speaking with D'Jok on Genesis, where he is teaching some children, Mei visits Aarch in his office… But will her ex-coach allow D'Jok back on the team?


Lun-Zia tries to master The Breath of Akillian to stay on Snow Kids, but fails. Sinedd forces Mei to master The Smog to stay on The Shadows, but it weakens her and she quits. Yuki, however, is successfull in mastering the Hectonian Wave and Dookooba gets Lun-Zia on The Wambas. Mei talks to Aarch after talking to D'Jok on Genesis Stadium when teaching Club Galactik and asks her defensive position on the Snow Kids back...

Meanwhile on Hectonia, Zyria tries to explain about the Elektras' flux, but Yuki has her doubts of belonging on the Elektras. She then reveals she will be entering on the Galactik Football Cup with the Elektras, but will rejoin the Snow Kids if they lose. The episode ends with Aarch accepting Mei's offer.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 15- Crossed Fates (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 15- Crossed Fates (English)

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