The Deep Stadium (also known as the Deep Arena) is a stadium created by Lord Phoenix on Paradisia to host some of the matches in the Paradisian Tournament. Unknown to many, it has a secret laborotory created by Vega underneath it that siphons away the players flux and then collects it. It was found by Benett and Artie, but they were thrown in prison. Tia, Micro-Ice and Harvey discover these laborotories and free Artie and Benett, and the Deep Stadium is able to host the Final between Team Paradisia and The Shadows. However, it sinks along with Dome Stadium when Ataru is hay-wired into injecting The Multi-flux into Paradisia's core, but the laborotories are salvaged by The Pirates in Farewell, Paradisia to uncover Multi-flux.


Shadows: 4 - Rykers: 0

Team Paradisia: 3 - Wambas: 0

Lightnings: 4 - Red Tigers: 2

Team Paradisia: 2 - The Lightnings: 1

The Shadows: 3 - Elektras: 1

Team Paradisia: 3 - The Shadows: 3 (Stopped because of Paradisia transforming into Dark Paradise)

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