Duke Maddox Infobox
Duke Maddox
Organizaton Technoid
Status Technoid Leader
Planet Unknown
Flux None

Duke Maddox is the Leader of The Technoid.


Duke Maddox has an impossing physique and elegant clothing, often wearing medals on his chest. He is bald and has a long white beard and on his left eye he wears an eye scope. 


As the leader of one of the most powerful economical forces in the Zaelion Galaxy, Duke Maddox is an arrogant individual, focusing on money more than anything else. However, he is not above helping others in need, such as helping his sworn enemies, The Pirates to save Sonny Blackbones and the galaxy from destruction. He is willing to put away his hatred in order to secure the future of the universe.

Duke Maddox is a huge fan of the Galactik Football as he never misses a match. He is a fan of The Shadows, regretting their loss in the GFC final in the first season. He also has respect for Sonny Blackbones, even though they are enemies.


In season 1, he teams up with the Pirates in an effort to stop Bleylock, and aid the pirates in rescuing Sonny. For a brief period in season 2, he befriends the pirates. He and Sonny are having a friendly talk, that suggests that Maddox would have welcomed Sonny back into the company, and possibly made him his right hand man, and maybe run Technoid. Sonny listens to Duke Maddox, but choose to decline this offer. From somewhere, Duke Maddox learned of the familyties between Sonny and D'Jok. After beeing framed for the explotion that caused the shaddows to loose their flux,Sonny keeps his distance up untill season 3, where he is once again seen paying Duke Maddox a visit in his office to learn about Harris

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