Elektras Infobox
Name Elektras
Coach Zyria
Home Planet Hectonia
Captain Zyria
Flux Hectonian Wave

The Elektras are an all female team. They are blue and are like the Lightings, their flux seems to be a water based one, as it takes form of a great wave.


The Elektras competed in the Paradisian Tournament with their captain and coach Zyria and new goalkeeper, Yuki of the Snow Kids. They defeated The Cyclops 3-2, but lost to The Shadows 3-1. Yuki remained on the team and developed the Hectonian Wave, defeating the Sandmen of Menor 1-0 and the Pirates, but were eliminated in the Semi-Finals by Team Paradisia.


Paradisian TournamentEdit

  • Elektras 3 - Cyclops 2
  • Elektras 1 - Shadows 3

Galactik Football CupEdit

  • Elektras 1 - Sandmen of Menor 0
  • Elektras 3 - The Pirates 1
  • Elektras 1 - Team Paradisia 3


Team ImagesEdit

Other ImagesEdit

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