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14 October 2011



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Endgame is the sixty fifth episode of Galactik Football and the thirteenth episode of the third season.


Sonny, along with Brim Simbra, question Lord Phoenix about the disturbing state of Paradisia's core and the mysterious "benefactor" responsible for the Paradisia Flux… As the second half of the final Paradisia Cup match begins, powerful tremors shake the planet! Operation "Dark Paradise" seems to have been activated… Evacuation is necessary! In an exceptional event, all League-affiliated Galactik Football players are allowed to use their Flux to help with the evacuation! Will the Snow Kids and all their friends manage to escape in time?


During the Final (Team Paradisia vs. The Shadows) Phoenix discovers that Vega's benefactor is Harris, Bleylock's former assistant and the former Galactik Football League representative for Technoid! Ataru is hay-wired into injecting the last of the Multi-flux into Paradisia's core and Brim Simbra is sucked in, making the Deep Stadium shake as Paradisia begins to explode! All Galactik Football players are allowed to use their fluxes to escape and D'Jok refuses to move, making Mei try to save him. Sinedd saves them both and they escape on the Snow Kids' transport, but Sinedd goes back to Deep Stadium to look for his parents! The episode ends with power cutting off on the Snow Kids' rocket.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 13- Endgame (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 13- Endgame (English)

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