Farewall, Paradisia
Farewell, Paradisia
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22 October 2011



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Farewell, Paradisia is the seventy third episode of Galactik Football and the twenty one episode of the third season.


The semifinal match between the Snow Kids and the Xenons is fast approaching, but Thran is still missing! As the Snow Kids perfect their teamwork in Club Galactik's holotrainer, Sonny and the Pirates search Deep Stadium's secret laboratory! But suddenly, Clamp notices a loud, dull sound coming from the core of Paradisia…


Ataru beats up Harvey, but is defeated by Benett. At Genesis Stadium, Warren trains the Snow Kids in the Club Galactik Holotrainer with teamwork tactics, using The Charge to stick their legs together: D'Jok and Mei, Micro-Ice and Mark and Rocket and Tia. They then go to a second test: D'Jok and Mark, Rocket and Mei and Tia and Micro-Ice.

The Pirates download data from Ataru, but he explodes. Ahito is soon forced to explain he knows that Thran went with the Pirates and on Paradisia, he finds Brim Simbra in Paradisia's core! The Black Manta heads back to Genesis Stadium, but Simbra dies upon giving Sonny a Multi-flux sample.

The Snow Kids are forced to play the Semi-Final match against The Xenons without Thran. The episode ends with the Black Manta teleporting to Genesis.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 21- Farewell, Paradisia (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 21- Farewell, Paradisia (English)

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