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A Flux Collision

The Flux is a powerful, magical energy that takes many forms on different planets. Flux was considered an enormous threat to the entire Galaxy and was banned, except in Galactik Football. An Organization known as The Flux Society constantly watches over usage of the Flux and reports any abnormalities to The Galactik Football League.


It is unknown what exactly a Flux is, as it is viewed as a magical energy. However, it can be created both naturally and artificially. For example, the Breath is created by Akillian's orbit and The Roar is created by the rays of Ibo, the Wamba Planet's moon, while the Metaflux and The Multi-flux are created in the laboratory.

The Fluxes can disappear, both temporarily and permanently. For example, the Akillian Ice Age made the Breath vanish for 15 years while the Flux explosion in the Shadow Archipelago made the Smog vanish for a few days. However, Paradisia's Flux vanished long ago and hasn't reappeared, causing Magnus Blade to try and create an artificial Flux.

List of Fluxes

In the series, many different Fluxes have been seen:

In the series, there have been players who managed to control more than one Flux. According to Dame Simbai, this takes patience and concentration and few players are capable of it. They are:

  • Aarch (The Breath of Akillian and The Smog)
  • Artegor Nexus (The Breath of Akillian and The Smog)
  • Sinedd (The Breath of Akillian and The Smog)
  • Mei (The Breath of Akillian and The Smog)
  • Yuki (The Breath of Akillian and the Hectonian Wave)

Flux Regulations

  • Fluxes are not allowed to be used outside Galactik Football. Any player who uses the Flux outside the pitch is banned. However, the Flux may be used in life-or-death situations without repercussions.
  • The Flux can be used in football matches that are not official, such as the duel between D'Jok and Sinedd. As long as the match takes place in an official GFC venue, the use of the Flux is allowed.
  • Apparently, a player can use two Fluxes in one match without repercussions from the League.
  • Mixed-Fluxes teams are not allowed outside the Paradisian Tournament. For a foreign player to play for a planet, he must learn how to use the Flux of the planet he wants to play for.

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