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The Flux Society is a large organization within the galaxy which watches and reports upon the use of Flux within the galaxy. The leader of the society is Brim Balarius.


The Flux Society is first shown at the end of A New Hope after Tia had used the flux while trying out for Aarch's team. The societies central purpose is to ensure that flux is not used outside Galactik Football and to maintain a balance of peace throughout the Galaxy, to maintain this balance they have representatives within Technoid and The Galactik Football League who take action upon misuse of the flux at anytime.

All members of the society wear a white and purple robe and the elders of the society, which hail from different planets in the galaxy, such as the Cyclops' planet, Xzion or the Wamba Planet, are usually seen within a chamber which has a scale model of the galaxy which shows the location of any misused flux. Their headquarters is a large space station that rings around an unknown planet or moon. Also, the leader of the organization receives the title of "Brim".

Known Members of the Flux Society

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