Friends And Enemies
Friends And Enemies
Air Date

11 October 2011



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Friends and Enemies is the sixty second episode of Galactik Football and the tenth episode of the third season.


Everyone is excited about the first semi-final match between the Electras and the Shadows! How will the two ex-Snow Kids, Mei and Yuki, fare head-to-head? On the "Sharky Show", Sinedd is stunned by the surprise Hush Sharky has in store for him… Meanwhile, mysterious tremors spread panic on Paradisia! While Arty and Bennett are still being held captive in a cell in the secret laboratory, Tia, Micro-Ice and Harvey set off on an exploratory submarine mission that leads them right to… the secret laboratory!


The Semi-Finals match between the Shadows and the Elektras begins and Mei easily scores. Yuki then escapes the goal and after a clash between Zyria and Senex, she scores with The Breath of Akillian. However, Sinedd then scores. Mei is forced to attack and Yuki trips, twisting her ankle and getting injured, causing the Elektras to lose 3-1. Sinedd is then greeted by... his parents! They then give him a strange medal. That night, Micro-Ice, Thran and Tia head near to Deep Stadium and Micro-Ice and Tia go underwater with Harvey when they are spotted by Vega and sucked into the secret laborotory!

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 10- Friends and Enemies (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 10- Friends and Enemies (English)

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