Zaelion Galaxy's society seems to be revolving around one thing: Galactik Football. After The Great War, football became the only activity in which the use of Flux was permitted. As such, the sport gained a cult-like status on every planet in the galaxy.

It is unknown who is the supreme leader of the Zaelion Galaxy, if there is such an individual but authority figures have been seen thus far as the Flux Society, Technoid and the Galactik Football League.

Flux Society stepped in after The Great War. As the destruction was immense, and the Flux used as a weapon, they set new laws which banned the use of Flux outside sport. The punishment for transgressions are extremely severe, ranging from suspension from the GFC to imprisonment.

Technoid is a company that produces almost every advanced technology seen in the galaxy. They act not just as scientists but as policemen and peacekeepers, even though some of their employees, such as Bleylock or Harris were corrupt. They have been known for their extremely harsh treatment of their people and their arrogance. The Pirates, their sworn enemies, fight with every breath to destroy the control that Technoid maintains over the galaxy.

The Galactik Football League, with its headquarters on planet Oeno regulates Galactik Football and organize its primary competition, the Galactik Football Cup. The GFC is not important just to find out the best team in the galaxy but is important as a mean to protect the galaxy by filling in the Galactik Cup with the winning team's Flux, though prevent another war.

The Zaelion Galaxy's society is a very colored and vibrant one, achieving peace at last. There is no discrimination because of the race, football managing to unite the entire galaxy.

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