The Galactik Football League is an organisation that controls the sport of Galactik Football, the league is made of representatives from each planet and the executives make final decisions over various predicaments. The League President and representative for Akillian is Adium.


Headquarters of the league are located on the planet Oeno, the representatives gather there for major meeting regarding the sports but most of the time, representatives work from their home planets. The League's central purpose is to keep watch over all authorised teams and make sure that they are playing within the rules of the sport, the league is also responsible for choosing punishments for those who break the rules, an example being when Rocket was suspended from the Snow Kids for illegally using the Breath of Akillian.

The league also has to approve the formation of any new clubs and if they are recognized by a majority vote by representatives then that team has the ability to play in formal matches, if a team already represents the planet in major matches, such as the Galactik Football Cup then the league may authorize a match between a new team and the current team to determine who would continue to represent the planet, this was done shortly after the formation of Snow Kids.

An interesting fact is that the League hasn't exclusive rights on any of the players, so they can compete in non-League events without punishment.

Known Members of The Galactik Football LeagueEdit

  • Adium - League President, Representative for Akillian.
  • Bleylock - Technoid Representative (Season One)
  • Harris - Technoid Representative (Season Two)
  • Brim Simbra - Representative for the Flux Society
  • Mr. Spoto - was the League representative for the game between The Snow Kids and The Red Tigers
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