Genesis Football Stadium Infobox

Genesis Stadium.

Genesis Football Stadium is the largest Galactik Football Stadium in the galaxy, it is the field where the final of the Galactik Football cup is held every four years and the place where the Galactik Football Cup stops to greet the winner.

The pitch itself is made from thick green and white glass like meterial and is suspended in mid air within an enormous chamber that can seat 800,000 people, with many more standing. The score is kept by a large scoreboard suspended above pitch. Players are transported to and from the pitch via Transporter Lifts, the pitch is available at all times as D'Jok and Sinedd were able to enter and play a secret one on one match.

In Bleylock's Revenge, the pitch was destroyed when Bleylock's ship exploded sending a flux wave over Genesis Stadium causing the scoreboard to collapse and crash through the middle of the pitch, almost killing The Snow Kids and The Xenons. In Stars in Danger, it is revealed that the extent of the damage to Genesis means that it will not be ready to hold the next Galactik Football Cup.

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