Genesis Forest is an enormous indoor forest located in Genesis Stadium, the forest is filled with many different flora and fungi and is also filled with many dangers.


Genesis Forest is not mentioned until the second series when Aarch mentioned that the forest was out of bounds to players. Tia and Rocket however decided to go there together for a day out, while there, Tia falls from a ledge above a large extraction fan and is saved by Rocket who is forced to illegally use The Breath to stop the fatal fall.

After Rocket is suspended for illegal use of flux, Tia returns to the forest with Norata and Kira to show them where the accident happened.

In season 3, D'Jok hosts Club Galactik in Genesis Forest. Warren soon joins him and helps train the future stars of Galactik Football. It is also the area where Sinedd meets his real parents again.

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