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Genesis Stadium
is an enormous, revolving space station which hosts the final matches of The Galactik Football Cup. The space station is known to revolve to give itself gravity. Genesis was said to be built many years ago by the founders of Galactic Football. Genesis Stadium itself is not just a stadium, it is known as a gigantic city. It contains multiple forms of businesses and life forms. There are high class areas and urban areas like a metropolitan space city.


Genesis has been the hosting grounds for the Galactik Cup Finals for as long as the sport has existed. The stadium itself is located in the direct centre of the star shaped space station. The station constantly revolves to provide itself with gravity and moves slowly throughout the galaxy. With this, Genesis' location is not always the same. Apart from the football stadium, Genesis also contains a hundred thousand of other places including shops, theme parks, hotels and even a forest. The stadium is also the home to major companies including advertising and talent agencies. The station was supposed to be the most well built in the Zealion Galaxy but it could not withstand a flux wave. When the flux wave hit, the stadium's roof burst and the aftershock of the wave disrupted the anti gravity device of the scoreboard. At this moment, the scoreboard crashed into the glass pitch and destroyed most of the feild. In Bleylock's Revenge, it is noted that because of the flux wave that destroyed the station glass roof and pitch it would not be hosting the next Galactik Football Cup as the pitch and roof needed to be strenghened and repaired. The only way in and out of Genesis is through the space port which has ferries that travel to various planets in the Galaxy. Transport around the stadium itself exists in the form of hover taxies that run along channels built throughout the stadium, there also appears to be traffic systems for hover vehicles and ships that fly through the skies of Genesis.

In Stars in Danger, it is revealed that the Stadium had been damaged that it wouldn't be able to host the next Galactik Football Cup. However a few months after the end of the Paradisian Tournament, it seems to have been repaired and ready for the matches. It is greatly damaged again by Harris in The Stars of Akillian Are Eternal, but the field wasn't damaged and The Snow Kids were able to defeat Team Paradisia and win the cup a third time in a row.

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