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Organizaton Technoid
Status Deceased
Planet Unknown
Flux None

Harris was a former Technoid employee who became the right hand of Duke Maddox after the supposed death of General Bleylock. He is secondary antagonist in season 2 and the main antagonist in season 3.


He was a middle-aged individual with spiky white hair. He wore a long pink coat with black shirt and tie.


Harris was an intelligent and cunning individual, who was able to work behind Duke Maddox's back for a long time. He was also treacherous by nature as he betrayed both Bleylock and Magnus Blade, causing the death of the former. 

In season 3, he became more and more devoted to conquer the galaxy. He also suffered a dramatic change in personality as he became a maniac, often laughing uncontrollably.


Season 2Edit

Harris Infobox
Harris makes his first appearance in season 2. He is the assistant of Duke Maddox, but is secretly employed by Bleylock to help him with his revenge. He recruits Sinedd to co-ordinate a new sport called Netherball which he and Bleylock plan to use to harvest flux. After Rocket joins Netherball and becomes the top player, Bleylock instructs Harris to ensure that Rocket stays on as long as possible. To do this Harris downloads a false video file onto the League's system, prompting them to keep Rocket out of the GFC. After he finds out what Bleylock's plans are for the flux devices he starts making plans of his own. During the semi-final match between the Snow Kids and The Lightnings, Harris drills shut the rocket doors on Bleylock's ship, and takes one of the last two flux devices. In the final episode of the season Bleylock's ship blows up killing him, and Harris is now free to do what he wishes with the last flux device.

Season 3Edit

In season 3, he apparently has been fired from Technoid. He hires Vega and gives her the Multi-flux. He does not appear until Endgame, halfway through the season. He and Bleylock's cat poison Paradisia with the Multi-flux, but Harris stays safe on a ship. Harris then takes control of Team Paradisia and has them play all the way to the Final, but his plan to destroy Akillian with the Multi-flux bomb is foiled by Sonny Blackbones and Magnus Blade. Harvey and Sidney destroy the Multi-flux and Harris and Vega are tossed into space to their presumed deaths.

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