Front Picture - 03
Relatives Wilkinson (cousin)
Davison (cousin)
Team The Pirates (currently)
Flux The Seed of Shiloe
Position Goalkeeper
Shirt Number 1 (The Pirates)
Home Planet Nebula of Shiloe

Hawkins is a pirate player who represents the Shilöe archipelago during competitions.


His appearance is concealed by his Galactik Football outfit, like all the other pirates. His skin, on some parts of his face however, are visible as well as having maroon colored spiky hair.


Little is known about Hawkins aside from the fact the he's the goalkeeper of the team. He usually stays calm and collected enough to keep blocking the attempts at scoring when opponent players cornered him and kept shooting towards him. However, during a match against The Shadows, after the Shadows had scored a second goal, he became afraid of Sinedd's flux-charged shot to the point of giving up on trying to defend the shot and just protecting himself.

Seconds before Sinned's shot, the Shadows had lost the Smog. Witnessing Sinedd's weakened shot, he catches the ball effortlessly with one hand. Hawkins chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief and throws the ball back in the game after a moment of confusion.


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