The Snow Kids training in the Holotraining Cube

The Snow Kids training in the Holotraining Cube

The Holotraining Cube
(also known as the Holotrainer) is a device created by Clamp which creates an enormous virtual environment within the confines of a large cube.

In A New Hope, the original Holotrainer was an extremely large block with a door, when Micro-Ice entered, Clamp programmed a scenario and Micro-Ice found himself standing on a pitch, floating in an endless sky.

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Holotrainer Elektras

By the hour Aarch Academy had been made in Akillian Stadium, Clamp had managed to perfect the device so that young players had to stand on a square on the ground and large pixels would float down from the ceiling and envelop them in a large cube. The device was made portable as it was used within Genesis Stadium.

In A New Strategy, Lord Phoenix uses a Holotrainer to train D'Jok and Team Paradisia, pitting them against the Snow Kids. In Crossed Fates, The Elektras also use one to train Yuki into mastering the Hectonian Wave and in the following episode, The Secrets of the Breath, Dame Simbai trains the Snow Kids in Clamp's old Holotrainer. At the end of The Stars of Akillian Are Eternal, the Holotrainer malfunctions and the Juniors, Micro-Ice and Mei mysteriously disappear, along with Hush Sharky.


Other than that of a regular pitch, the Holotrainer had applied various different simulations including players from other teams as well as different locations. Specific training programs can also be used such as those used for testing kicks and flux control. Fitness programs can also be inputted so that treadmills with obstacles on them can be included. Soon after their arrival on Paradisia, Clamp modified it to make Aarch and Artegor play like they used to inside the Holotrainer.

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