Hush Skarky is a Cyclops journalist.


He is a tiny cyclops who wears darkbrown shoes, darkbrown pants, a brown jacket and a brown hat. He is always seen with his camera.

Personality Edit


He always tries to get pictures, including taking ones of Micro-Ice naked, Lun-Zia on Rocket's arm and D'Jok kissing Nikki 4 on Paradisia that resulted in him getting his own show called the "Sharky Show", of which he introduced Sinedd's parents to him. On Genesis Stadium, he saw Bellow reveal Sinedd's parents were fake and exposed them, arresting them. He later stows away on The Black Manta along with Thran and discovers Lord Phoenix is alive, but his memory is erased by Artie and his pictures are copied and deleted by Harris' robot cat. He later tries to get into Team Paradisia's hotel, but constantly fails and got in trouble with a Cyclops who he owed. In The Stars of Akillian Are Eternal, he tries to get into the Club Galactik Holotrainer, but is sucked away with Micro-Ice and Mei.

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