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Status Florist
Planet Akillian
Height 1.90

Kira is the mother of Rocket and the wife of Norata, she left Norata at the beginning of the Akillian Ice Age to pursue an acting career (which failed) and remained on Genesis Stadium for 15 years before she is reunited with her son and former husband. She now works with Norata as a florist on Akillian.



Kira is a deeply caring person who everyday wished that she hadn't left Akillian. She takes most situations to heart and can be affected emotionally by them such as Rocket rejecting her which lead her to nearly leave Genesis if she hadn't met up with Norata.


Season 1Edit

Kira originally lived on Akillian with Norata (who was a famous footballer at the time) and was pregnant with Rocket, the couple had plans that Norata and her would go to Genesis Stadium and Norata would become one of the greatest Galactik Footballers of all time and she would become a superstar actress. However when the Metaflux exploded and caused the Ice Age, Kira left Rocket with Norata and went to Genesis on her own where her acting career was destroyed by a competing actress. Kira then worked in various jobs around Akillian for 15 years.

When the Snow Kids arrived on Genesis, Tia sought out Kira and found her at a florist, she asked her to meet Rocket on his 16th birthday that was being held, Rocket however was deeply shocked by the news having been told all his life that his mother was dead. Kira then prepares to leave Genesis and is about to leave from the port when Norata arrives and the two are reunited. They discuss their lived and what happened between them, eventually they watch the Snow Kids match and cheer their son on together. After the match, Kira and Norata anounced that they were getting back together for Rockets sake, after the Snow Kids vicory at the Galactik Football cup, Kira returns with Norata to Akillian where they both work as florists.

Season 2Edit

After realising that Rocket had vanished after his suspension, she and Norata return with the Snow Kids to Geneis Stadium where they begin to search for him. At a brief moment, they find Rocket at the reception of the Snow Kids hotel however Rocket tells them to leave him alone which deeply distresses Kira. After Rocket returns to the team, both Kira and Norata are glad to see their son happy and well and remain at Genesis until the end. After the Snow Kids win again, Kira and Norata presumably return to Akillian to their jobs as florists.

Season 3Edit

Kira and Norata watch the Semi-Finals where the Snow Kids lose to Team Paradisia and they later take Rocket and Tia back to Akillian to keep the Resonance from getting worse.

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