Lost Illusions
Lost Illusions
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24 October 2011



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Lost Illusions is the seventy fifth episode of Galactik Football and the twenty third episode of the third season.


Aarch, after quitting his position as coach out of love for Addim, chooses Rocket to replace him! Magnus blackmails Harris and Vega, threatening to reveal the true identity of the Team Paradisia players… On Frontier 17, the ambassador and Maya meet Sinedd's real family! And two all-female teams, the Elektras versus Team Paradisia, face off in the semifinals! Sinedd is lost in his thoughts when his holo-phone suddenly rings…


Aarch quits his coaching job in order to keep the Snow Kids from being disqualified from the Final and makes Rocket the coach of the Snow Kids. On Frontier 17, Maya and Tia's father encounter Sinedd's real parents and their younger daughter Sonja. Rocket asks Sinedd to rejoin the Snow Kids and Maya tells him she has found his real parents, while Team Paradisia goes on to defeat The Elektras 3-1 and leave Yuki to get a pas for the Snow Kids as a sub.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 23- Lost Illusions (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 23- Lost Illusions (English)

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