Lun-Zia Infobox
Relatives Dookooba (Boyfriend)
Team The Wambas (currently),
Snow Kids (formerly)
Flux The Roar
Position Defender
Shirt Number 2 (The Wambas)
10 (Snow Kids)
Home Planet Wamba Planet

Lun-Zia is a Wambas Player recruited to Snow Kids to fulfill the entry requirements of the Paradisia Tournament, which requires competing teams to have players of different fluxes.




Lun-Zia Training Kit
Lun-Zia fills the vacancy left by Mei, who has left the Snow Kids to join The Shadows. She is spotted by Aarch and Artegor during a display match on Paradisia and after a brief try-out is recruited to the team.

After the Paradisian Tournament Lun-Zia tries to master The Breath of Akillian participated to the Galactik Football Cup but she failed to master it. So she was recruited into The Wambas and was eliminated from The Cup by the Snow Kids.

She is also seen helping Clamp and Dame Simbai gather flux samples by playing in the Holotrainer along with Warren, Luur and Yuki. She also trains with the Snow Kids in Second Chance and is last seen in the Akillian box during the final.


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