Team The Wambas (currently),
The All-Stars (fomerly),

Paradisian All-Stars (formerly)

Flux The Roar
Position Striker
Shirt Number 4 (The Wambas)
Home Planet Wamba Planet

Lune-Zeara is the star striker for The Wambas. She was in the All-Star match. Her flux is the Roar, and it is shown that she has an amazing control over it.


Lune-Zeara is a red-headed Wamba girl, with blue pupil-less eyes and goggles around her neck. She wears the standard Wambas kit.


She is 20 years old at the beginning of the series. As with every Wambas player, she likes to play fair and she has a deep respect for the game and its rules. She is also a writer, as she published her memoires.


She is one of the best passers in the galaxy. For her amazing abilities, Lune-Zeara was selected to be in the All-Stars match, in which she used her passing skills to bring the ball to the more offensive players, such as Luur or D'Jok.

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