Luur Infobox
Team The Xenons (Actively)

The All-Stars (Formerly)
Paradisian All-Stars (Formerly)

Flux The Heat of Xenon
Position Striker
Shirt Number 7 (The Xenons)
Home Planet Xenon

Luur is the star player and captain of The Xenons.


Luur is tall but he is shorter than his teammates xenons, muscular and very well-built, with green, scaly skin. He wears his purple football outfit even outside the pitch.


Luur is an agile, incredibly strong and unbelievably skilled player of Galactik Football, and he possesses tremendously large amounts of amazingly powerful Flux which he can perfectly control. He is proud but can be capable of violence such as when he injured Tia in a foul where she had to be taken off the team. He is outstanding in all fields of play and in every way that a Galactik Football player can be. He was described as an "inspiration" for his people, the Xenons, implying he is a very respected individual on his home planet. Luur is also very honorable, preffering to win matches on the pitch, rather than taking the short way. He proved his honorable ways when he saved D'Jok from certain death.


He was part of the All-star team, scoring 2 goals in the all star match. He also triumphed in the the Big Kicks challenge ahead of Warren and D'jok. He also finishes the tournament as the best striker & top scorer with 25 goals. However Luur's main rival is Rocket. Rocket beat him in Netherball during a tight match. Also after injuring Tia in the final, Rocket becomes the first and only player to break free from Luur's flux, and beats him one on one again, forcing him to call his teammates back onto the pitch. Luur's teammates rarely get any action so during that match it seemed like they were absolutely raring to go, speculations have been made as to Luur's family and if he has siblings, also questions have been asked by fans :whether or not his teammates resent or respect him. As of yet these questions have not been addressed.

Luur is an ultra-skilled team all on his own, beating the Snow Kids 2-0 before they came back in the Finals of the Galactik Football Cup. Luur also saves D'jok's life when the pitch is destroyed in the final.

He plays in the Paradisian Tournament and has a team with Akkamukk after he joins the Xenons, but is furious when the Snow Kids beat them 1-0 in the quarter-finals. He also is eliminated 4-1 in the Galactik Football Cup. He is last seen helping Clamp and Dame Simbai gather flux samples by playing in the Holotrainer with Warren, Lun-Zia and Yuki.


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