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Lord Phoenix
Team Team Paradisia
Position Coach
Planet Paradisia, Nebula of Shiloe
Flux None

Magnus Blade, better known as Lord Phoenix is the ruler of Paradisia and the organiser of the Paradisian Tournament and the Paradisian All-Stars. He shares a history with Sonny Blackbones and has knowledge of Pirate secrets. He works with Vega to give Paradisia a new natural Flux.


Magnus Blade is an extremely tall and muscular individual,with bushy eyebrows and a beard. He is also possibly blind in one eye. He is seen wearing a purple suit, under which he wears a white shirt, red tie and a brown vest. He also has rings on his every finger and has a cane which has many different abilities.


At the beggining of the season 3, Magnus, posing as "Lord Phoenix" was seen as a money-centered individual but with a love for Galactik Football. However, his true love was planet Paradisia, as he would have done anything to give its Flux back, even working with Vega and Harris. As the former leader of the Pirates, Magnus was an anti-establishment figure, as Sonny Blackbones is now. After the destruction of Paradisia and being stranded on the planet only with Harvey to keep him company, Magnus stated that he had a new outlook on life, as he was able to enjoy his life once more, without any money or complications. He engaged in activities such as playing football or fishing, and even laughing when Harvey was scared by a squid.

He likes dramatic speeches in the most dire of situations.


He was the leader of the Pirates at some point in the past. During his time as the leader of the Pirates, he built The Black Manta and trained Sonny Blackbones. However, he was defeated by Sonny and was forced to leave the Pirates. At some point after that, he retreated on planet Paradisia and became the CEO of the CK Corporation, becoming very rich in the progress.


Magnus Blade's main weapon is his hypnotic cane, which he uses it with great proficiency. In his youth, Magnus used to possess a whip. He also has great physical strength and astonishing reflexes for a man his size, as he saved Sonny, Clamp, Artie and Benett from certain death. Magnus also is an accomplished pilot, as he built and flew The Black Manta for many years. He proved his skill as an engineer and as well as a pilot when he managed to save the Pirates once again by piloting the ship out of the planet's orbit.


  • Even though Phoenix's clothes were ruined after he became stranded on Paradisia, when he entered the Deep Stadium with The Pirates, they were restored to their pre-explosion aspect.


  • (While he was escaping Paradisia in the Black Manta): In Shiloe's name, if we have to go down it might as well be in a blaze of glory!
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