Mana-Ice Infobox
Organizaton None
Family Micro-Ice (Son)
Status Waitress at Planet Akillian
Planet Akillian
Flux None

Mana-Ice is the mother of Micro-Ice and a waitress at the popular restaurant Planet Akillian. She makes numerous appearances throughout the series and tends to be the voice of Akillian while Snow Kids are away.


She has sandy brown hair and grey eyes. She usually wears a red cap and a red and orange shirt.


Mana-Ice is a loving mother and is on good terms with most people on Akillian (even the mob boss), she is usually seen with a smile on her face and has a steady wit. At points she has been shown to loose her temper and shout (an example being when Micro-Ice was sent off the pitch during the match with The Rykers for arguing with the referee.)


Mana-Ice makes her debut very early in the series in Planet Akillian, it appears that D'Jok, Micro-Ice, Thran and Ahito had been on good terms with the club manager and had been able to get her the job as waitress. Over the first season she made multiple appearances during the matches of the Snow Kids as the people of the planet watch on the clubs Holo television and is often seen encouraging a lethargic crowd after a disappointing first half or something of that nature.

In Season two, Mana doesn't make many appearances except for when the parents arrive in Genesis to watch the finals.

In Season three, Mana was seen with the other parents trying to comfort the Snow Kids after the their loss to Team Paradisia. She also is seen in the Akillian box cheering for the Snow Kids.

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