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Organizaton None
Status Professional Psychic
Planet Akillian
Height 1.82

Maya is the adoptive mother of D'Jok and a professional psychic. She is good friends with Mana-Ice and has a good relationship with the Snow Kids and also with The Pirates.



Maya is a very loving and caring woman shown in her raising D'Jok from a baby and also in her hurry to warn people involved in her visions. She has also shown to be very stern when defending promises as shown when constantly stopping D'Jok from finding out about his past. Plus she took d'jok when he was a baby because his mother coudnt look after him any more so she raised him since he was about 1.


Maya's early history remains unknown up to the point where the Akillian Ice Age began, it is shown that she was out gathering herbs when a ship crashed nearby, she found and saved a pregnant woman. Shortly after the Ice age began and Maya helps a group of refugees find shelter in a large cave, during that time, the woman gave birth and asked Maya to care for the child and to name him D'Jok, shortly after this she passed away.

For the next 15 years, Maya cared for D'Jok and watched him gather an interest in football and also gain a slight obsession into finding out about his past and possible future however Maya stated that she would never reveal anything to him. During season 1, Maya is mainly a background character however D'Jok, Ahito, Micro-Ice and Thran all go to her and ask her to locate Aarch after his reappearance. When Snow Kids was formed, Maya was in the stadium to watch their match against Red Tigers and reappeared later in the series to watch the team in Genesis Stadium. During her stay in Genesis, she had a vision of Sonny Blackbones's location after his abduction which she relayed to The Pirates who were able to save him.

In season 2, Maya made her first appearance when she arrived at Genesis Stadium to watch The Snow Kids in the finals. During her stay she again has a vision, this time of a large accident during a match with the Snow Kids which threatened D'Jok's life. She confronted D'Jok about this and he denies having any dreams or possible worries about this match (which in reality he had been experiencing). She is last seen in the stands watching the matches with the other parents.

In season 3, Maya is not seen until the third Galactik Football Cup. She has a vision that Sinedd's parents are alive and discusses it with Tia's father. She then leads Sinedd to them in the Club Galactik stands in Genesis Forest and is last seen in the Akillian box watching the Snow Kids' third cup win.

Galactik Football Maya House
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