Mice Delice's a soda created by Micro-Ice. In Second Chance, after collecting flux samples of The Charge (Warren), The Heat of Xenon (Luur), The Roar (Lun-Zia) and the Hectonian Wave (Yuki), Clamp creates a Multi-flux. Sidney and Harvey then accidently tip some Mice Delice into it and it explodes, revealing a chemical in the Mice Delice to be Anti-Multi-flux. In The Stars of Akillian Are Eternal, Harvey and Sidney inject the Anti-Multi-flux into the Multi-flux, causing it to explode and destroying the Multi-flux. Mice Delice is later made only for robots.

Its taste seems to be disgusting as no organic creature in the galaxy has managed to drink it without having a terrible reaction. As seen when Mark poured some Mice Delice on a plant, even the plant reacted violently. Only robots seem to enjoy Mice Delice.

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