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Rocket and Sinedd playing Netherball.

Netherball is an illegal form of football, created by Bleylock. The game is played within a sphere shaped arena, hidden in the depths of Genesis Stadium.

The game is played between two players, battling one on one. The aim of the game is to score more goals than your opponent by accuratly shooting the ball through holes located at opposite ends of the arena.

Types of Netherball

So far only two types of Netherball matches have been shown:

Regular: The most common form of Netherball, a one on one battle between two players.

Obstical: Revealed half way through the second series, the arena itself becomes a deadly weapon as during these matches, poles, walls, bollards and rails shoot out of the arena floor and walls at random, with enough force to knock a player down with the possibility of injury.


When Rocket was introduced to Netherball, Sinedd stated that there were no rules other than that players were not allowed to use Flux (else risk being found out by The Flux Society). The game relies on pure skill and the players ambition to win. Fouls, punches, pushings, holdings and kicks are all legal in matches.

One of the basic football rules does counts in Neather Ball. It is that you are not allowed to pick up the ball with your hands and just throw it into the goal, the ball must be kicked or nicked into the goal.

The player that wins gets to stay and becomes the ruler of the sphere. The other one that loses gets thrown out of the game, with no chance for a rematch.

Netherball's Matches

Kernor: 5 - Akkamukk: 0

Kernor: 4 - Fulmugus: 2

Rocket: 4 - Kernor: 1

Rocket: 3 - Woowamboo: 2

Rocket: 3 - Sinedd: 2

Rocket: 1 - Luur: 0

Rocket: 1 - Stevens: 0

Rocket: 2 - Warren: 1

Rocket: 3 - Tia: 4