Nikki Infobox
Relatives Nina (sister)
Team Team Paradisia (actively),
Paradisian All-Stars (formerly)
Flux The Multi-flux
Position Striker, Captain
Shirt Number 4 (Team Paradisia)
Home Planet Paradisia

Nikki is a striker for Team Paradisia.




She has a crush on D'Jok and when she confessed it to him, he saw Mei in her place and D'Jok kissed Nikki, thinking that it was Mei. Hush Sharky took a photo of this which made Mei very jealous and which lead Mei to kiss Sinedd. Nikki is twin sister to Nina, a genetic copy. She gets sad when D'Jok leaves and decides to avenge him, keeping Nina from dating Mark. After Team Paradisia's defeat by the Snow Kids, she is returned to human.


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