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Planet Akillian

Planet Akillian is a bar and restaurant on Akillian, throughout the early stages of the first season it is classified as the home of Akillians football fans. Micro-Ice's mother, Mana-Ice works there as a waitress.



Planet Akillian Interior

Planet Akillian appears to be one of the central locations on Akillian, D'Jok, Micro-Ice, Thran and Ahito apparantly have a friendship with the owner as it helped Micro-Ice's mother get a job there. Planet Akillian was the first place in the series that D'Jok, Thran and Ahito first encountered Aarch after they saved him from the Akillian mob.

Over the early part of the first season, Planet Akillian was where The Snow Kids spent their spare time and was where the parents of the kids watched the matches until they convinced themselves that the stadium was no longer cursed.

Planet Akillian is seen again briefly in The Homecoming when the team fly home to see Ahito.

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