Reconstitued Families
Reconstitued Families
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18 October 2011



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Reconstituted Families is the sixty ninth episode of Galactik Football and the seventeenth episode of the third season.


As Warren, D'Jok and Artegor work on their Club Galactik project, the new Academy that will train the future stars of Galactik Football, Mei meets D'Jok to convince him to join his real family…the Snow Kids! While D'Jok confides in his father, drones under Vega's command suddenly attack them! …The last match of the final Sixteen has arrived: Team Paradisia vs. the Cyclops! Which teams will make the quarterfinals? Sinedd and his parents are eating in a restaurant when suddenly Bellow, the owner of the establishment, is astonished to discover the biggest scam-artists in the galaxy!


The Snow Kids are preparing to play The Shadows, when Mei gets distracted by Sinedd. She manages to get over it and beat him, but Micro-Ice stays behind for extra training. However, Mei starts to miss D'Jok. Team Paradisia arrives at Genesis Stadium and Mei tries to get D'Jok to return to the Snow Kids, but he refuses.

The Pirates watch the match between the Pirates and The Red Tigers. The Pirates defeat the Red Tigers 4-3 and advance to the quarter-finals. Callie and Nork then reveal the results for the other matches: Lightnings:2 - 1 Pullsaurs and The Elektras:1 - 0 Sandmen of Menor, leaving only one match left: Team Paradisia agains The Cyclops.

D'Jok then attempts to watch the match when he decides not to and throws it in the bin. Hush Sharky, who was in the bin, then grabs the pass and enters, watching in the VIP, as the Cyclops to lose 3-0! D'Jok then talks with his father and Sonny says it is best to go back to the Snow Kids when Vega's robots attack them! The Pirates destroy them and the episode ends with D'Jok entering a room and revealing he intends to return to the Snow Kids after all!

Meanwhile, Sinedd and his parents arrive at Bellow's resturaunt and Bellow exposes Sinedd's parents as fakes, the greediest scums in the entire galaxy...

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 17- Reconstituted Families (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 17- Reconstituted Families (English)

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