Red Tigers
Red Tigers Infobox
Name Red Tigers
Coach Artegor Nexus (formerly)
Home Planet Akillian
Flux The Breath of Akillian

The Red Tigers are a team which represented Akillian after the legendary Akillians and before the Snow Kids.

Though this team lacks a Flux, they use cybernetic boots as a substitute, increasing their speed and agility.


Created by the rich kids of Akillian, this team had a lot of potential and ambition but lacked flux and never developed it. Players are skillful indeed, however, they do not play as a team often and have a nasty habit to make fun of their opponents, break their concentration, and treat them as losers or show-offs, mock them. Due to these facts it is obvious why they haven't developed the breath of Akillian. Their jerseys are not numerated and have a completely opposite set of colors of the jerseys that Snow Kids wear. This would mean that they had intended to make a new reign of football on Akillian, changing its style and colors entirely. Artegor Nexus accepted to coach them when he saw a good opportunity to easily earn a lot of money and create something new, regaining the trust of people from Akillian. Unfortunately this team is only a private football team now since it has no right to represent Akillian anymore, because they had lost to Snow Kids. Due to this team's flaws, they don't stand much chance against other legendary teams which have unique flux   -The Red Tigers have cybernetic boots which could increase their speed and agility slightly (from time to time), as well as their shots, accuracy and strength. This was supposed to replace the lacking flux somehow.

In Season 3, they come back as a second Akillian team with Shekmut of The Rykers on their team and now have The Breath. However, they lose to The Lightnings. They later play in the Galactik Football Cup, but are defeated and eliminated by the Pirates.


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