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The Shadow Archipelago
(more commonly known as Planet Shadow) is the home of The Shadows, and the native planet of The Smog.


The planet is a huge hollowed out red crystal that is surrounded by hundreds of other crystals of varying sizes (hence the name Archipelago). The planet is equipped with an underground stadium and shipping dock, not much else is shown of the planet. The team first visit the planet in Black Hole where they play their final cup qualifying match.

In Fluxless, General Bleylock fired a flux bomb at the planet and caused an enormous explosion which destroyed The Smog and caused the immediate accusation of Sonny Blackbones and The Pirates. The explosion left the planet covered in a cloud of crystal dust, by the episode Coach Artegor, the dust cloud had disappeared and resulted in the return of The Smog.

It is also hinted that a large amount of people live on the planet as the news reporters claimed that the explosion could have cost the lives of many innocent citizens who lived on the planet.

Notable People from Shadows ArchipelagoEdit

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