Episode 18 - Sinedd's Shadow
Sinedd's Shadow
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19 October 2011



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Sinedd's Shadow is the seventy episode of Galactik Football and the eighteenth episode of the third season.


The first quarterfinal match is between The Shadows and the Snow Kids…and it promises to be explosive! Just like the mood among the Snow Kids since D'Jok's return! Thran, faced with Sydney's despair since Harvey vanished on Paradisia, has built a transmitter to try to find him… In their cell, Sinedd's fake parents receive a visit from Maya, who is convinced Sinedd's real parents are alive! As Clamp and the pirates try to formulate an Anti-Multi-Flux, Thran suddenly bursts into the lab with some incredible news!


D'Jok has officially rejoined Snow Kids and will play in the quarter-finals against The Shadows! Thran is building a transmitter to find Harvey and is using Sidney to control it. Meanwhile, D'Jok, Micro-Ice, Mei and Yuki are having a chat when Micro-Ice sits on a remote and turns on Hush Sharky's "Sharky Show" and Sharky reveals Sinedd's parents were fakes and the greediest scums in the entire galaxy, leaving them to be arrested by Bellow. D'Jok is worried this might affect Sinedd's playing in the next GFC match.

Sinedd is greatly upset and the other Shadows players try to cheer him up and fail. The Snow Kids play the first half without D'Jok and are left 2-0 in Sinedd's aggressive playing. Rocket then gets substituted for D'Jok and hands the captain's armband to Tia, allowing the Snow Kids to tie the score to 2-2. Mei then gets past Senex and looks at Sinedd before scoring, allowing the Snow Kids to win 3-2!

Mei tries to make up to Sinedd, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Maya interrogates Sinedd's fake parents, convinced his real parents are alive, while Mark and Nina are out on a date. Clamp and The Pirates are trying to formulate an Anti-Multi-flux, when Thran bursts into the room with incredible news: they have gotten in contact with Harvey on Paradisia! Sonny then decides to head there and pick up some Multi-flux samples from Paradisia's core.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 18- Sinned's Shadow (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 18- Sinned's Shadow (English)

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