The Snow Kids vs. The Lightnings was a quarter-final match in the Galactik Football Cup that took place on the Genesis Stadium in Season 1.

Overview Edit

The Snow Kids defeated The Wambas 3-2 in the Round of 16 after a pretty weak game that saw them coming back from 0-2. The match with the Lightnings was very important to them, not only because of the fact that winning it meant they would qualify for the semi-finals but they had the chance to face the defending champions and the greatest team in the galaxy. Also, D'Jok had an opportunity to play against his football idol, Warren.

The Match Edit

The match was very tight, with Aarch focusing more on defense and keeping the possession of the ball. Warren had an opportunity to score but Rocket used the Breath to intercept the shot and passed the ball to Micro-Ice who lost it to a Lightnings defender. After a few minutes, Warren had again a chance to score but his shot was firmly saved by Ahito.

The greatest opportunity for the Snow Kids to score was a shot by Tia who was deflected by the Lightnings goalkeeper in the bar. The match entered sudden death and Warren had another chance to end it after he dribbled the entire Snow Kids team and sent a powerful shot covered in The Charge towards Ahito's goal. The SK's keeper was unable to catch the shot who would have entered the goalpost had not for D'Jok's intervention. The match ended 0-0 and penalties were needed to crown the winner.

After four rounds of penalties, the score was 4-4, with every player scoring. It would come down to the best players on the pitch, D'Jok and Warren. D'Jok scored after a spectacular curved shot for 5-4 but Warren sent his Flux-covered shot in the bar, thus sending the Snow Kids in the semi-finals, to play against the Technodroids.

Trivia Edit

  • This match was the only match in the series which ended 0-0 and the first match which needed a penalty shootout.
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