Luur attempting to catch the star-coloured ball.

It was a Galactik Football Cup Final that took place on Genesis Stadium.


The final was a very atypical match. In the first half of the match, Luur, the Xenons' star striker, sent his entire team off the pitch in order to play the Snow Kids alone. Even though everyone believed it was impossible, Luur managed to score two goals, using his exceptional agility and his control of The Heat of Xenon to completely overwhelm the defending champions, the Snow Kids. However, this changed after Rocket, using his prior experience with Luur in the Sphere to find his weak spot, scoring a goal in the process. The score was now 2-1 for the Xenons. After the break, Luur asked his teammates to come back to the pitch but the Snow Kids managed to score another goal to tie the match 2-2. Before any of the teams score another goal, the scoreboard crashed on the pitch, destroying a good part of it. Luur and D'Jok agreed that, in order for the final to have a winner, a penalty shootout should be done. The shootout was won by the Snow Kids 4-3, with the last goal scored by Rocket.


Snow KidsEdit

The XenonsEdit

  • Goalkeeper - Xenons nr 1
  • Defenders - Xenons nr 2 and Xenons nr 3
  • Midfielders - [[Xenons nr and Xenons nr 5
  • Strikers - [[Xenons nr and Luur



Snow Kids:2 - 2:Xenons


  1. Xenons nr 2: - Top right corner - Scored
  2. Thran: - Top right corner - Scored
  3. Xenons nr 3: - Top left corner - Scored
  4. Mei: - Top right corner - Scored
  5. Xenons nr 4: - Top right corner - Scored
  6. Micro-Ice: - Top middle - Missed
  7. Xenons nr 5: - Top right corner - Missed
  8. D'Jok: - Right mid-hight - Scored
  9. Luur: - Top right corner - Missed
  10. Rocket: - Chip middle - Scored

Snow Kids:4 - 3:Xenons


  • For this final, the players used a golden ball.
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