This unnamed woman was the wife of Sonny Blackbones, and the mother of D'Jok.



Fifteen years before the series, her husband, which then went by the name of I'Son, alongside Clamp, developed The Metaflux, which was proved to be undetectable. Knowing that such a creation might give Technoid immense power, I'Son and his pregnant wife fled with a shuttle, being followed by Technoid's robots. They crashed on Akillian and I'Son caused the Ice Age by dropping the Metaflux from a great height.

After the explosion, she was separated by her husband and was discovered by Maya and tended for in a refugee camp until she died giving birth to her son, D'Jok.


She was a young and beautiful woman. She used to wear the same bracelet her son would wore later in his life.

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