Sonya Infobox
Relatives Sinedd (Brother)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Team Club Galactik (actively)
Flux The Breath of Akillian

Sonya is Sinedd's younger sister.


She has spiky orange hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She also wears purple goggles on her head and wears a yellow and pink jacket.


Sonya is a cheerful and active young girl, whose greatest passion is football. She is very curious about new things and likes to spend time with her brother, Sinedd.


Sonya grew up with her parents after Sinedd went missing as a baby. She was brought to Genesis Stadium to meet her brother by Maya and Tia's father. She then watched the Final between The Snow Kids and Team Paradisia after causing Sinedd to get back on the team. After being exposed to Ahito's energy, she developed The Breath of Akillian and later joined Club Galactik. However, she was sucked away with the Club Galactik, Micro-Ice and Mei.

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